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Tom Winters barbers

I have been to Ireland again, yes I know - You are not surprised. As a friend said: "Isn't it expensive to buy all these tingets from Ireland to Sweden?" I'll try to write in english this time, I want my Irish friends to understand. But probably some is in "Swenglish"... 

This time I visited Cork with my daughter och husband. After a visit to Tim Binghams exhibition I saw "Tom Winters barbers" and I had to go inside. I've seen a lot of pictures earlier on Instagram. I met two very nice barbers, Stephen and Luke. Stephen is the owner, his second name is Tom after his father and he namned his barbershop "Tom Winters barbers". It's an amazing place. Stephen opened it 8 months ago and it's worth a visit. They couldn't do anything about the looks of my husband, he has to little hair and has no beard.(They didn't say that, it's my own conclusion". But I asked if I could take some pictures. I even went back the day after to take some more. Follow me inside and meet Stephen and Luke... 



And as always I love to take portraits....

Thanks Tom Winters barbers, Stephen and Luke for the nice visit.

I'll be back and visit you again<3

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©Carina Hedlund

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